La Reina Del Sur Capitulo 1 Parte 1/4

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Telenovela is very popular as his novels and has many fans from different countries, La Reina del Sur. Did you ever hear or you one fan of the telenovela La Reina Del Sur? If you have never watched or want to see it again telenovela La Reina del Sur is amazing, you can follow and watch the telenovela and TV Series that will try to share information and videos about La Reina del Sur and other telenovela.

La Reina del Sur with the main character of a naive and innocent woman from a small village, Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico. With a variety of pressures that have been experienced and to save her life from the dangers that always threaten the safety of her soul, Teresa fled to Spain. The death of her beloved "El Güero" (Rafael Amaya) has given her the strength to rise and remain strong for to avenge the death of her lover.

We introduced a character named Teresa Mendoza (Kate del Castillo) girlfriend of "El Güero" (Rafael Amaya), a drug dealer and a rising star in the Sinaloa cartel. But then, El Güero killed and Teresa's life is threatened, until she escaped and sought refuge in Spain.

After the escape from an accomplice Vargas, Teresa tried to get up and fighting for her life. In Spain he worked in a bar "El Yamilla" Driss's Larby. That's where the initial encounter Teresa with Santiago, who later became her lover. Santiago Fisterra (Iván Sanchez) working in the smuggling of black market goods such as cigarettes in the Strait of Gibraltar to Spain. However, bad luck again befall Teresa, Santiago died in the crash and Teresa went to jail.

Teresa started her new life in the work at the bar "El Yamilla" Dris Larbi property. It was there that she became acquainted with Santiago Fisterra (Iván Sanchez) and she started a new chapter in her life. But the disaster came back, Santiago died in an accident and Teresa went to prison.

La Reina Del Sur, La Reina del Sur Capitulos. Telenovelas favoritas que ha recibido una buena calificación de una emisión es una telenovela basada en la famosa novela de Arturo Pérez-Reverte, La Reina del Sur (La Reina del Sur). Ver La Reina Del Sur!

In prison he met with Patricia O'Farrell (Cristina Urgel) wild child of a wealthy family Irish-Spanish descent who have the disorder. Patty interested Teresa, then they are in a relationship and began to plunge in trading business. With the skills and business instincts that are owned, Teresa becomes the most powerful drug traffickers in southern Spain. Wach La Reina del Sur!

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